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Over 40 years dedicated to Harley motorcycles!


Leo Hess, at Full Blast Engineering, applies a lot of skill and experience to Harley repairs and often makes bikes run better than new. He prides himself in being able to offer a full range of engine work, from service to a total overhaul, right here in Sioux Falls.  His overhead is low, his prices right, and his work phenomenal.

Nothing ruins a day on the road like the fear of being left on the side of it. Engine rebuilding is not a task best left to the unskilled. If you are considering having some engine work done on your Harley or have questions about some issues you have noticed, stop in or make a quick call to Full Blast Engineering.

Don’t risk the outcome of this invasive, time-consuming procedure by trusting your ride to just any grease monkey with a wrench. Leo Hess is a master at the art of overhauling the Harley-Davidson engine. He’s dedicated 40 years to the craft, cranking out masterpieces one Harley at a time, and he knows that the most important factor in the thrill of the ride is the confidence you have in the quality of your machine.

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Valve Jobs


Boring Cylinders


Trasmission Overhaul


Glass Bead Blasting


Head Work


Tig Welding


And More!

We have been working on Harley Davidson motorcycles for the past four decades, we love a well-tuned Harley!

Offering Harley tune ups, oil change, tire changes, light bulb replacement, winter prep, spark plug replacement and more.
Call us today with your questions, maintenance service or engine issues for your Harley motorcycle.

Be picky about who you trust with your ride–ask Leo to spend little quality time with your Harley today!

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